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Into The Arms of Sunshine

‘Into The Arms of Sunshine’ is an experimental movement piece told through poetry and motion. Starring two circus artists from the Montreal Circus; Sabine Van Rensburg and Brin Schoellkopf, who also happened to be ‘stranded’ in Cape Town during lockdown at the start of 2021.  Written and directed by Craig Moore, the film is a story about two lost lovers who are separated and longing to be together again, using a series of visual metaphors to convey the emotions attached with separation. Told through the female perspective, they look to the sun for comfort and guidance as they long to be back in each others arms again.

Director: Craig Moore
DP: Fabian Vettiger
Styling: Anso
Producer: Liam Johnson
Edit: Jorris Willems
Grade: Joseph Bicknell
Music: Sibot
VO: Audiotheque & Louise-Marie Kerkhove
AC:Alex Ortscheit
MUA: Inga Hewett
ProdCo: Robot & Stay Familia
Graphic Design: Kristof Vanhoorebeek
VFX: Blake Prinsloo

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