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People Watching is a collective comprising six multidisciplinary artists currently based in Montreal. Founded in the tumultuous spring of 2020, they were initially moved to investigate ways in which intimacy could be shared with an audience during a time of profound seclusion. The inquisitive nature of this creative process led them to fuse their organic acrobatic research with elements of physical theatre and nuanced choreographic work. By providing the awe-inspiring qualities of contemporary circus with a scaffolding of depth and context, People Watching began to establish a body of work that is intimate and inherently human. Using live performance, film, and photography as a vehicle for their artistic endeavors, they have found local and international recognition, which in turn has fostered collaborations with a multitude of established creatives and companies, such as Jacob Jonas The Company, Diego Vega, Amy J. Gardner, Alice Phoebe Lou, Ines Talbi, Susannah Haight and Jason Lam.

Creative Team

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