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Transience (2023) is a short film by Adam Munnings about a love that blooms quickly and burns brightly. How it stirs the soul and quickens the heart. Like a flame, it flickers and dances, illuminating the darkness, warming the cold. It is a love that knows no bounds, that lives and dies in the same breath. Without games or pretense you lay yourself bare in hope of acceptance. A journey of exploration and discovery. And yet, as quickly as it begins, a transient romance can end just as suddenly. An opening act for the melancholy symphony. But even in its brevity, it can leave a lasting impact on our souls. We become both student and teacher, we hold and feel held, we lean fearlessly into time’s consequence. Let us reel in its beauty and it struggles, its joys and its pains. As we somersault through life, let’s not forget that to lose a connection it must first be found.

Director: Adam Munnings
Producer: Sarah Hawkins
Dancers: Brin Schoellkopf, Jarrod Takle
DOP: Lucas Fiederling
Editor: Andrew Holmes
Sound: Adam Rajab
VFX: James Barry
Set Design: Paulina Radic
Gaffer: Jonathon Lux
1st AC: Bastian Godoy
Makeup: Jesse Strikwerda
Camera / lighting assist: Candella Canellas Daigeler & Boromir Bogumil
Set design assist: Monica Vengeli
Set Asssit: Niko, Steve Tsigaras
Studio manager Romy Hansfordgber

Supported by Modestdept, Peregrine Films GmbH & Diorama

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