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Play Dead

full length - 70 minutes

Set in a shifting universe of domestic trappings and interlocking stories, People Watching’s first creation ‘Play Dead’ observes the way we navigate social connections. Through it’s surrealistic blend of acrobatics, movement and physical theater, the piece moves with larger than life physicality while bathing in an intimate atmosphere. By giving place for seemingly unexceptional stories to unfold, we look closer and marvel at how beautiful, twisted, and sometimes laughable reality can be. Balanced on the cusp of the familiar and the otherworldly, this performance is a reflection on the twilight of youth and all the uncertainties, flawed ideals and sheer exhilaration that such an age encompasses. But rather than settling into bored fatalism, this piece celebrates life, the same way people desperately dance to the last song before the party ends.


Concept and Direction​: Ruben Ingwersen, Jérémi Levesque, Natasha Patterson, Brin Schoellkopf, Jarrod Takle, Sabine Van Rensburg

​Lighting Design: Emile Lafortune

​Set Design: Emily Tucker

Carpenter: Alastair Davies

Music and Sound Design: Colin Gagne, Francisco Cruz, Olivier Landry-Gagnon, Stefan Boucher, 

​Costume Assistance: Camille TB

Photography and Video: Alexis Vigneault, Chase Levy, Damian Siqueiros, Melika Dez, Alex Royer, Alexandre Galliez, Dina Sok, Cecilia Martin

Dramaturgic Assistance: Peter James, Isabelle Chasse, Gypsy Snider

Funded By: Conseil des arts et des letrres du Quebec (CALQ)

Support: Les 7 Doigts de la Main, White Wall Studio, Patro Villeray, Phantom Theater


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